Get Double XP and Unlock Token by pre-ordering COD:WWII

When it comes to pre-ordering, companies try hard to give you a good incentive to drop your money before the release date. In case of Activision’s Call of Duty WWII, they don’t have to look much further then providing some well needed time savers for the game’s Multiplayer modes to get people excited.

By Pre-Ordering Call of Duty WWII, players will get a “permanent weapon unlock token” that can be redeemed for any gun you want. Considering how long it can take to level up your soldier and making sure you have enough unlock tokens for weapon, this is definitely a compelling offer. Of course, there is also the Double XP token that will allow you to have 4 hours of double experience to help you level up faster right out of the gate.

For those who pre-ordered because it gave you access to the Private Beta (see gameplay footage below) Sledgehammer had announced recent changes to Multiplayer due to feedback from the beta.