Get a glimpse of MKX’s Alien, Leatherface, Tri-Borg and Bo Rai Cho in action

When we were told we were going to see the fighters of Kombat Pack 2, the upcoming second wave of new fighters in Mortal Kombat X, we naturally assumed we were going to see the one fighter that we would get first in the pack.

Netherrealm had other plans for us as they released a gameplay trailer showing off all 4 new fighters including Tri-Borg (a mix between the 3 cyborg fighters in the Mortal Kombat series), Bo Rai Cho, Leatherface and the Xenomorph from the Alien series. The trailer (see above) shows off some of the different variations along with some of the crazy moves that the fighters will be able to pull off.

(On a personal note, due to the trailer I’m actually more excited to play as Leatherface then the Alien as he looks like he will be just a devastating powerhouse fighter.)

The Kombat Pack 2 will have other goodies including Goro (originally a Pre-order incentive), and several costume packs including the Apocalypse, Brazil and Kold War packs. There has been no release date for the pack or the fighters, however we do know that the pack will cost you $29.99.