Gear up in Injustice 2

While NetherRealm Studios has been busy showing off the new fighters, super attacks and Story for Injustice 2, one feature that seem to be left out was the cool new Gear feature, which allows players to customize their favourite Superhero/Villain with awesome new armour which not only makes you look cool, but also delivers some stat boosts.

In Injustice 2, gear can be equipped to modify 4 stats: strength, ability, defence and health. It will also provide specialized Augmentation as well, allowing you to receive more credits per fights, take less damage from certain attacks including stage transitions and much more. There are also a set-specific bonuses given when completing and equipping a specific set of armour, like any good stat-boosting equippable items would.

For more on the armour and how cool it’ll make you look, check out the latest trailer for Injustice 2 above.