Garou: Mark of the Wolves coming to PS4 and Vita


With the 25th anniversary of the Fatal Fury series, SNK is looking to bring another Neo Geo classic back from the dead, Garou: Mark of the Wolves (aka Fatal Fury 3). Hands down one of the best entries in the series which went on to spawn the King of Fighters series as well.

SNK announced that they are working with SIEA Third Party Production to bring Mark of the Wolves to PS4 and Vita later this year. The game will feature cross-buy and cross-play between the PS4 and Vita, allowing the handheld owners to go against their console counterparts using Code Mystics netcode for the game, which was previously used on the last Neo Geo classic to comeback on the Playstation Network, The Last Blade 2.

No release date has been dropped for the 1999 Classic fighter, however we’re sure we’ll be hearing something very soon.