Games with Gold nabs Rayman, Bioshock and Tomb Raider for March.


Normally we would do a big post of free games, but due to some undisclosed problems, Sony has not announced their Free PSPlus games. However, Xbox has pulled a fast one with 3 stunning titles to be added to their Games for Gold collection.

Xbox One owners will get the Ubisoft side-scrolling platformer Rayman Legends. This sequel to Rayman Origins offers several unique levels, daily challenges, Origins levels and fun musical numbers.


If you’re looking for something less kid-friendly, then the 360 this month is the console to be on as there is plenty of blood and gore here. Crystal Dynamic’s remake of Tomb Raider and Irrational Game’s Bioshock Infinite will be available from the 1st-15th and 16th-31st respectfully.