Four Goddess Online Cyber Dimension Neptune will run on Unreal 4


Developer Compile Heart had confirmed today via Twitter that the next spin-off of the ever popular Neptunia series will be seeing some extra power thanks to a new engine, a little thing called Unreal 4. Not much was said for the reasons why the adoption of the engine for this game in particular and no footage has been released at the moment.

Despite it’s name, Four Goddess Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune is a single player RPG with simulated MMO elements, similar to what you would see in games like .Hack or more recent; Sword Art Online. There is currently no release date or platform announced for the game as it is in active development.

Compile Heart announced that they will be at Unreal Fest 2016 in Yokohama on October 1st, hosted by Tamsoft chief planner Yuji Nakao, which will talk about how development with the Unreal Engine will still fit in the Neptunia world.