For Honor Story Trailer released, January Closed Beta announced

At E3 earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that their upcoming Hack’n’slash Multiplayer game, For Honor, will also have a single-player campaign. While the first cinematic trailer for the game set up many questions, it also introduced the series villain Apollyon, who will bring the Knights, Samurais and Barbarians to war with each other. While this current trailer sets the tone and introduces the warring factions, it still leaves many questions unanswered (which Ubisoft promises to explain more in a new trailer coming soon).

“Players will learn why these brave heroes have gone to war with one another in the new campaign trailer that dives deeper into the world of For Honor,” Ubisoft stated in a press release issued today. “Apollyon … seeks to incite war amongst the various factions. The new trailer details the motivations of the three factions including the Knights of the Iron Legion, the Warborn Viking clans and the Samurai of the Dawn Empire.”

The trailer also serves as a reminder to sign up for the Closed Beta which is set to release in January 2017. Players can sign up for the beta here. No word have been given on what the beta includes at this time.

Check out our footage of For Honor’s closed Alpha below to get a glimpse of the game in raw action.