First trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter leaked

After 5 mixed films in the franchise, the live action Resident Evil Movies are finally coming to an end and if the International trailer is any indication, the series is going to go out with a bang. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will see the end of  Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, story as she takes on the Umbrella Corporation who are pushing for one final strike against the survivors of their Zombie Apocalypse.

It is worth noting that the movie had been plagued by production issues, most notably in the stunt department when Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson was injured in a motorcycle stunt, and Ricardo Cornelius who was reported to be crushed by a hummer on set.

The movie is set for a January 2017 release (just in time for the planned release of the new Resident Evil 7) and as the the subtitle states, this will be the last of the current Resident Evil movies. However we’re expecting that Sony and Capcom won’t let the series leave the silverscreen that easily.