First Trailer for Code Vein released

Code Vein might not be from the Dark Souls/Bloodborne creators, From Software, but it may be close enough to satisfy players now that we have a chance to see the game in action thanks to a new trailer released earlier this morning.

Created by the team who brought you God Eater, Code Vein places you in control of Vampire-like characters who must fight The Lost, a group of ghouls who have given into their bloodlust and became monsters. Players will have the ability to take a companion into battle with them and use their powers and some over-the-top weaponry to take on the creatures.

Code Vein is slated for a 2018 release, and while we do not have any official listing of the console release, we have been told to expect the title on every Major Console during that time. We’ll keep you posted on more of Code Vein as it becomes available.