Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia is available in Forza Horizon 3

If you have a copy of Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox One or PC, and own a copy of Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One, you may have received a code to get a very familiar car in Forza.

The Regalia, the familiar car driven by Noctis and company in Final Fantasy XV will be available for those who have played Forza Horizon 3 and Final Fantasy XV by August 1st 2017. The car will be sent to Forza Horizon 3 via an in-game messaging system providing a gode to redeem the vehicle for use.

No word yet on if the Regalia will be available outside of this offer, or what kind of specs we can expect from the Regalia or what kind of upgrades we may see while we’re driving around in Forza’s version of Australia. However we’re sure that Final Fantasy fans will enjoy this fun bonus. Check out the announcement trailer for Regalia above.