FFXV Platinum Tech Demo Looks Amazing


Following the recent announcements about the latest Final Fantasy game, Square Enix offered a playable tech demo to showcase some of its environments, weather/time system, combat, and its ever impressive graphical quality.


It doesn’t really have much of a story, but what I gathered is that you are following the main protagonists (Noctis) dream sequence as a child, where you follow Carbuncle (a reoccurring Final Fantasy Character) who speaks to you through what seems to be a translator built into a modern-looking cell phone. You can collect floating yellow crystals that unlock rounded plates on the ground that have special effects such as changing the weather, time of day, or even changing you into a large fantasy animal briefly.


The demo itself isn’t very long at all, about 15-20 minutes even with exploring. Near the end, you temporarily get to play as an adult form of Noctis, against what looks like the Iron Giant from previous installments of the franchise.  This gives you a chance to try out some of the more complex moves like warping and special attacks.  The fight itself isn’t too difficult if you’re careful; but keeps you very engaged unlike the turn-based style older fans have been accustomed to.

12961440_589407407890957_5686064885032610910_o All in all, I had a lot of fun just looking around, and it’s made me very hopeful for the game; as well as its CGI movie. The wonderment and reminiscence the more acclaimed games in this series is very real.