Far Cry: Blood Dragon is the next game part of Ubisoft’s Ubi30.


Ubisoft’s Ubi30 promotion will be switching out the classic Beyond Good and Evil for something even more awesome, the Neon infused 80’s action inspired Far Cry: Blood Dragon. The game is set to replace Beyond Good and Evil on November 9th.

Far Cry: Blood Dragon took the gameplay of the game of the year winning Far Cry 3, and infused it with enough 80’s movie action to make a spin-off that was even better then the original game it was based off of. The spin-off went off to make its own spin-off, Trials of the Blood Dragon, which took the retro-world and added motorcycles.

The Ubi30 promotion was announced during E3, since that time, Ubisoft gave Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Splinter Cell, The Crew and Rayman Origins for free, in order to promote 30 years of being in the Video Game Industry.