Far Cry 5 Teasers show off Hope County Montana

It looks like Ubisoft will be taking a very interesting turn of setting and story for the recently confirmed Far Cry 5, as the studio released several teasers showing off Hope County Montana, marking the first time that the Far Cry series would be set in the United States. The trailers shows off churches, a running river and what appears to be a wounded man running through tall grass.

This new trailer also seems to follow with a recent leak on Reddit from a self-proclaimed participant “in a focus group in a major metropolitan area” which took place last year.:

“The general thrust of this game is that it will take place in present day, and feature the protagonist taking on a Jim Jones or David Koresh-like religious cult in a small town in Montana that’s been populated by, essentially, Doomsday-preppers bent on furthering their cause. So, modern-day weaponry and modern-day vehicles, plus a hilly, mountainous backdrop,” the post says.

“They showed us some basic promotional videos featuring a heavily—HEAVILY—religious angle to the evil. A person (presumably the protagonist) walking through a town that was completely empty, only to walk into a church to discover the congregation is made up of everyone in town staring in rapt attention at a shirtless lunatic leader brandishing an assault rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other.”

Someone attempting to survive an overly religious and murderous cult in Montana, which is filled with mountainous terrain, beautiful rivers and fields sounds promising for a Far Cry style game. According to the teaser trailers, we’ll have the world wide reveal this Friday, May 26 2017.