Fallout Shelter for Android launch window for August


If you’re one of the few people not playing Bethesda’s surprise E3 Mobile game, Fallout Shelter, then chances are you’re waiting for the Android version of the Vault Overseer simulation game.

You won’t have to wait for much longer, as Bethesda has announced a release window for August, according to Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines. In a twitter exchange with a fan, Hines said the game was “Coming along nice,” and that they “Haven’t announced a date, but should be out next month. We’ll let you know when we have specifics.”

The game has topped the charts since it’s release after Bethesda’s first ever E3 presentation where it was announced, and has generated revenue for Bethesda despite the company saying that the game wasn’t about making money.

Of course, Fallout Shelter is a fun little distraction while we wait for the bigger game, Fallout 4, which is still currently on track for a November 10 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC