Fallout 4’s Codsworth can say certain names

fallout 4 codsworth 2

With the release of the latest Fallout game, it’s been made recent news that an NPC robot named Codsworth has been pre-programmed to say the player’s entered character name; provided it’s within the list provided below.    While some of the choices seem strange, most of them are actually homages to names the Dev team liked, or thought were hilarious, such as: RvB main cast, Mad Max characters, Sci-Fi classics, and even “F**kface” because why not?

You can see the full list of names that were found by the reddit community here, which lists a grand total f 925 names. Bethesda’s  Pete Hines, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing (as well as apparent Doctor) has neither confirmed or denied that this is the entire list.