Evolved Stage 2 will be free to play on PC! In Beta now

evolved stage 2

Evolved, the 1v4 multiplayer shooter which had players pitted as a monster versus 4 human hunters, has received a massive overhaul after its sudden delisting from Steam. The game has now been re-launched as Evolved Stage 2 and is now Free-to-Play with the Beta starting today.

Stage 2 willinclude several new modes, characters, maps, unlockables and more. With most of its content launching today, and Turtle Rock Studios continuing to release content updates over the next few months according to the co-founders post about the re-release. The user interface, various bugs and the game’s overall performance will also be tweaked during the beta phase, according to the developer.

Evolved was released as a full retail game over a year ago, so why move the game to Free-to-play now? “When Evolve launched, the reception wasn’t what we expected,” Chris Ashton and Phil Robb of Turtle Rock wrote on the developer’s website. “Sure, there were some good reviews. There were also bad reviews. Yes, there was excitement. There was also disappointment — for players and for us.”

This seems to be in reference to the game’s pricey DLC plan, which added several maps and hunters despite earlier promises that these would be added for free. Those who purchased the full game and the DLC will be able to carry over the content they own, with gifts, rewards and special access” to longtime Evolve players coming.

Currently, Stage 2 is only available for PC, and Evolved and its DLC is still up on the Console Stores. In a post on the developer’s announcement message, a community manager added that Turtle Rock expects to launch the overhaul on console following the end of the PC beta.