EA Sports UFC 2 new features announced, Cover Curse strikes again.

EA Sports UFC 2 has been officially announced as of Thursday and the development team at EA Canada has offered some insights on what will be different this time around.

Starting with some new game modes, UFC 2 will include an expanded career mode that will include training camps and what was described as “career-defining moments,” it was also mentioned that the career will supports the creation of female fighters, a first for the UFC video games. UFC 2 will also incorporate EA’s popular Ultimate Team mode, however there were no details on how the mechanic will incorporate in a non-team sport at this moment.

Other modes mentioned included a K.O. mode which locks players into a striking game, disabling grapples. Meanwhile, the Custom Event Creator will allows players to put together their own fight cards in a venue of their choice with custom fight settings, perfect for those who think they can run a better fight card then the real UFC. Online mode will get a new Title Chase mode, and a chance to predict real-life UFC events. Practise mode is getting improved as well with skill challenges and an in-game tutorial overlay for grappling.

As a visual note, UFC introduce physics for fighters’ hair, along with better facial modelling and body deformation from strikes. Other additions to the gameplay includes a revamped physics engine, which EA says will deliver more of a reaction to hits and knockouts. It was also stated to offer better control in grappling situations to help the ground game; as well as new submission options like standing and chained submissions; and improved options on defence.

Now while all that is interesting, we have to talk about the important part, who is this year’s star athlete to be on the game’s case? Well it’s none other then Ronda Rousey, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, a title she has held since December 2012 and failed to defend against Holly Holm at UFC 193 after a devastating knock-out.

Now Ronda stated that she was honoured to be featured on the cover of the game. “As a gamer myself, and growing up a little overly obsessed with video games, it’s pretty surreal to be on the cover of a game myself,” said Rousey in a EA Sports UFC 2 trailer announcing her as the game’s cover athlete. “To have a woman on the cover of a UFC game, it shows a lot of progress. I’m really happy to be involved with it.”

Those superstitious enough may be aware of the EA Curse, better known as the Madden Curse; in which a star athlete is chosen for the cover of an EA Sports title have had, lets say problems, for the season.

Superstition aside, UFC 2 is looking to improve on the previous title, and given EA Canada’s track record with the Fight Night series, we can only assume that the series will be getting better. EA Sports UFC 2 is currently set to launch next spring on PS4 and Xbox One.