Dynasty Warriors developers working on Berserk, new trailer and screenshots

The extremely bloody and popular anime series Berserk is getting a new anime later this year, which means this is the perfect time for Koei Tecmo to bring Guts and his gigantic sword to gaming; and what better team to develop this game then Dynasty Warrior team Omega-Force.

The first gameplay trailer and screenshots of the Berserk game has been released, showing Guts taking on a hoard of monsters in a way that we would come to expect from Omega-Force, only much bloodier.

The game is in development for PS4, Vita and PC. No release date has been given for the North American or Europe version, however we’ll keep you updated. Koei Tecmo has been busy porting Omega-Force titles, with the upcoming release of another anime-adaptation; Attack on Titan, and the latest strategy title; Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.

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