Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen coming to PC in 2016


The 2013 enhanced edition of Capcom’s Dragon Dogma will finally be coming to PC in January 2016 at a $30 price point. Fans have been clamouring for the game since back in 2011, before the launch of the original, which Dragon’s Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated: “if the PC users out there really are vocal about having this game, then we can definitely consider it.”

Capcom announced in a press release that the game will feature “stunningly high resolution graphics” and that the game will also include full Steam platform support with Achievements and the ability to play using both Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, plus the traditional keyboard and mouse control scheme.

The massive open-world RPG was widely praised by both critics and fans for it’s fast paced combat, vast open world gameplay and it’s punishing difficulty.