Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition announced

Now that Bioware is finished with their Game of the Year winning RPG, it’s time to bundle the package with all the DLC and releases out to the masses again.

Bioware and EA announced that they’ll be releasing the Game of the Year edition for Dragon Age: Inquisition on October 8th. The GOTY edition will include the main game, as well as the three Story DLC packs: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent andTresspasser. It will also include the item packs: Spoils of the Avvar, Spoils of the Qunari and Deluxe Edition DLC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition won over 130 Game of the Year award from different publications, most notably being the big winner during the first Video Game Awards. We gave Dragon Age: Inquisition the 2014 RPG of the Year award and a review of 7.8 for its Fluid Combat, Great story, Awesome cast of characters and performances