Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure out later this month.

drmariomiraclecureFans of the pill-popping gameplay of Nintendo’s Dr.Mario series can rejoice as Nintendo has announced a new title in the popular puzzle game, Dr.Mario: Miracle Cure. The game was announced at the Micro Nintendo Direct.

Like previous games in the series, Miracle Cure will have players attempting to cure people’s fevers and chills by sending brightly coloured pills to combat viruses in a Tetris like fashion. Miracle Cure references a new gameplay feature, in which players use a “cure-all” to eliminate specific colours or viruses.

Also included in the game is the Dr.Luigi mode, where players use L-shaped vitamins, as well as a multiplayer mode for local or global online play featuring new in-game medicines. Finally the game will include Download play, allowing players to play multiplayer with a friend that doesn’t have the game.

Dr.Mario Miracle Cure will be coming to the Nintendo eShop on June 11th.