Doomfist officially comes to Overwatch. Next Week.

While players have been able to take control of the newly announced Overwatch baddie, Doomfist, in the game’s Public Test Realm on PC, everyone else won’t have to wait long until the character will be available on Console and part of the game’s official roster as the character will be releasing on July 28th.

To celebrate his release, Blizzard released some background on the “hero” and his involvement with the other characters in the game via a short comic titled Masquerade. You can read the comic here. Blizzard also give us some more information about the upcoming character and his involvement in the game’s story moving forward.

“Years after suffering defeat at the hands of Overwatch, Akande Ogundimu–better known to the world as Doomfist–has escaped imprisonment and reclaimed his place within Talon’s inner council,” Blizzard explained on its website. “After getting up to speed on recent events, he decides to take matters into his own hands and charts a deadly new course for the shadowy organization.”

Considering the latest animated shorts seem to be leading up to something big on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how the inclusion of Doomfist will change the game. All we know is that after that jaw-dropping anime-inspired announcement trailer, we need an Overwatch show.