Doom Multiplayer customization detailed

The Doom Open Beta is currently live, giving players a taste of the fast paced-old school action. With the opening of the Beta, Bethesda dropped a video explaining how progression and customization will work in the upcoming shooter.

The multiplayer mode will allow players to reach up to 50 levels, unlocking various patterns, colours and armor pieces for their characters and guns. After reaching Level 50, players will be reset to level 1(without losing any gear) and earn a “Echelon” rank. There will be Ten “Echelon” ranks in the game, leaving a lot of room for hardcore multiplayer fans; but even if you’re not that great at the game, Bethesda has stated that half of the experience you earn in-game will be awarded just for “showing up and making an effort.”

Fans of customization will be happy to know that they’ll be able to customize their Space Marine with over 300 pieces of armour divided into 5 themes – UAC, Demonic, Bounty Hunter, Templar, and Utilitarian. Along with the Armour, Guns will have specialized customization with 96 colors, 60 patterns, and adjustable weathering.

Finally, players will also be able to unlock several Hack Modules, which can give you small advantages including item spawn timers, visible health bars and more. Finally, players will also be able to unlock a large amount of Taunts ranging from dances, insults or salutes.

The Doom Beta is currently live and will run throughout the weekend. From our impression, we can’t wait to see the full game in action when it releases on May 13th!