DOOM launch trailer is gory nostalgia with some hints to story

With DOOM’s release fast approaching (May 13th) we get one last trailer from Bethesda to make us go “Remember how good DOOM was?” The latest teaser trailer is filled with nostalgic elements of the original DOOM games, including an industrial mix of the classic first level DOOM music, to the recreation of original’s box art.

While Bethesda recently has been showing off a lot of the single player campaign, there hasn’t been much of a story being told. It’s during this launch trailer that we get a small hint of a bigger story involving Doom Guy being able to travel between dimensions, finding pieces of his classic armour and more. It’s not much, but it does make it look like there will be more than running, gunning and Glory Kills in the upcoming shooter.

Are you excited for the Updated Nostalgia trip when it launches on May 13th? Let us know!