DONTNOD’s Vampyr gets a new trailer before E3

Just in time for E3, ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Life is Strange’ developer DONTNOD released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr. The trailer shows off some of the action, powers and general dark tone that we’ll be expecting from the game when it launches this November.

In Vampyr, you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon home from the Great War who was recently turned into a vampire against your own will. Stuck in a conflict between his oath to save lives in a flu-stricken London and his need as a Vampire to feed, he also has to fight for his life against Vampire Hunters, undead and other monstrosities.

What makes Vampyr stand out is how it will treat your feeding on civilians. As you feed to grow your power and become stronger, you’ll have to live with the consequences as civilians live out unique lives in-game and their death can affect the community, forcing you to place a value on your prey’s life.

Vampyr currently has a November launch window for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully we’ll see more on the title at E3 this weekend.