DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive removes a horrible line


We said it before and we still stick to our statement, but we really enjoyed Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot, and are really excited to jump back into the game in the new Definitive Edition which game out today. The Definitive Edition will include a cut scene that wasn’t ready for the game’s launch as well a speed boost, but one of the more interesting things is that Ninja Theory decided to cut some content.

And when we say some content, we really mean one, cringe worthy line of dialog in the opening scene. “We did make an edit to the opening cut-scene,” Ninja Theory’s chief creative director Tameem Antoniades explained in an interview with Eurogamer. “It wasn’t a case of censorship as there are far more suggestive scenes in the game. We felt that scene in particular drags on a little bit for the opening sequence and frankly, we didn’t like the line.” He later added, “Those few seconds were irrelevant to the scene and is covered effectively in a later scene where Mundus is metaphorically shafting world leaders. For the Definitive Edition we took the opportunity to review all aspects of the game, and change things that we didn’t like or couldn’t add in time”

So what is the line, well it is part of a conversation between Mundus and his demon mistress Lilith:

Mundus: “I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power.”
Lilith: “The world is at last your bitch, as am I. Nothing left but to grab it by the hair, bend it over and —”

While DmC doesn’t shy from sex, as the game features a naked Dante with well place items covering him, an awkward fully clothed sex scene between Mundus and Lilith, among other moments, the line is very tasteless and possibly could do better without it.