Dishonored 2 live action trailer is a cosplayer’s dream, so Bethesda released guides!

While we briefly talked about this trailer on the Podcast this week, it has to be said that the new Dishonored 2 Live action trailer is a cosplayer’s dream. The costumes in the trailer easily take the show and are just jaw-dropping.

With Halloween now 3 days away, we’re sure some people are inspired to make some last minute costumes based on the trailer, but either lack the material/know-how/references for the characters. Don’t worry because Bethesda has delivered and has publically released some cosplay guides to creating Emily and Corvo costumes.

dishonored2emilycosplayThe guides are fairly detailed, from how to tie your hair like Emily, to inner-details of Corvo’s famous assassin mask. You can check out the Bethesda Blog for all the finer details for the characters. Dishonored 2 comes out on November 11th 2016.