Deus Ex: Mankind Divided boss battles can be handled in different ways


Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a breath of fresh air for shooters, but despite how well it handled players choices in gameplay, it did fail to carry it into the major boss battles. This is something that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay director Patrick Fortier is looking to fix with the upcoming sequel.

“That was the main thing that was missing from the boss fights [in Human Revolution],” said Fortier in a interview with OXM. “Thematically, I think they were interesting, but certain players found a challenge there that wasn’t really catered to them. There are ways to stealth them, there are ways to beat them in combat and there are conversations that you can have that maybe give you a different means of dealing with the situation altogether.”

Mankind Divided is set in 2029, 2 years after the events of Human Revolution, and focuses on the falling apart of augmented and non-augmented humans. Adam Jensen will be tasked with dealing with Terrorists that are demanding equality and a shadowy group who has been pulling the strings between both games.