December’s Playstation Plus ends the year with a handful of Indies


While the Xbox’s Games with Gold is ending with a bang this month with titles like Burnout Paradise and Sleeping Dogs, Playstation Plus has decided to go out on 2016 a little quieter with some impressive Indie titles.

For PS4 we have Invisible Inc. A Turn-Based Stealth/Spy game from the creators of Shank and Don’t Starve, launched earlier this year on consoles, the game received high praise. The second title is Stories: The Path of Destiny, a top down RPG-Brawler which also received high praise for it’s fun action and interesting storytelling.

PS3 owners can look forward to Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers Joint Ops; while PSVita owners will get the popular platformer VVVVVV and Color Guardians. Tiny Troopers will also be cross buy for PS4 and Vita, while Color Guardians will also be available for PS4.

There are some Solid Indie titles to end the year on, what do you think about PSPlus this year, where you disappointed or happy with the service? Let us know in the comments below!