Dead by Daylight adds Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in a free update

It’s almost Halloween and what better way to celebrate then having a new free update for the increasingly popular Dead by Daylight by Behavior Interactive. Dead by Daylight for those who haven’t been following this breakout hit, is a 1v4 horror multiplayer game where 4 players take up survivors and 1 player takes up an unstoppable killer out for blood.

It’s only appropriate that the latest update for Dead by Daylight will include one of the more famous masked-unstoppable killers (not the one who’s getting his own multiplayer game in 2017), Michael Myers of the Halloween series. The survivors will also be getting a new member with Laurie Strode, Halloween’s protagonist originally played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The update will also include a new map based on the classic 1978 John Carpenter classic called Haddonfield. Behavior’s Mathieu Cote gave some information about the upcoming map in an interview with IGN.

“[It’s] going to change quite a lot of how the game is played. With this big street that’s got nowhere to hide. Well-lit. And then these houses that you have to go in and scavenge what you need in there,” he explained. “It’s based on the original movie. Michael is the ultimate stalker. So as opposed to all the other killers that we have, Michael sees you and he watches you. So the power of Michael grows as he’s stalking you and watching you. And at some point he will be able to build up that meter, that power, until he becomes evil incarnate.”

The update is set to release (appropriately) on Halloween.