Daydreamer: Awakening Edition coming to PS4 on July 12th


Despite being hit with a delay, Daydreamer: Awakening Edition is now releasing on PS4 later this week. Designed by Roland Womack, the one man crew of Roland Studio, the game can be best described as “f**ked up” and for good reason.

In Daydreamer you play the last surviving human after aliens take over Earth and repopulated it with nightmarish creatures. After the immortal and very creepy Gate Keeper releases you from your prison, you are tasked with reaching the Earth’s core. As you face malicious aliens, grotesque mutants, emotionless robots, and giant bugs, you’ll also have access a bunch of new weapons and abilities to help you survive this nightmare!

The platforming/shoot’em up/horror title will be available on July 12th on the Playstation Network for $9.99, however a special 20% discount will be available for one week. You can check out just how messed up it is with the gallery below!