Day of the Tentacle gets a release date, Full Throttle coming soon.


LucasArts was one of the best companies for point and click adventure games in the 90’s. Case and point, Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle. For the many who didn’t get to play this classic and beloved adventure game, you’ll get your chance as Tim Schafer and Double Fine will be releasing a proper remastered version of the game to PC, PS4 and Vita in March 2016.

But that isn’t the only LucasArts classic that is getting a remastered, as Schafer also announced they’ll be bringing (one of my personal favourites) Full Throttle to PC, PS4 and Vita sometime in 2016.

Full Throttle was originally released back in 1995, was designed by Schafer and the team behind other LucasArts Graphic Adventures such as Monkey Island, it also included the voice talent of Mark Hamill (Luke Skywaker, Joker).