Dark Souls DLC will finish the series… for now


When From Software announced that they were going to release two DLC packs for Dark Souls 3, they included information that struck fear in many of the Souls series fans with words that were scarier then seeing “You Died” when you have a very difficult boss down to a quarter of his health.

Those words were “The Final Episode.” This left fans wondering, is this really the end for From Software’s beloved series. In an interview with Polygon at TGS, they were able to ask From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki if this was the case, and we got a “immediate, no-hesitation “Yes,” before laughing.”

“It’s time to move away from the Dark Souls franchise,” Miyazaki said. “As president of From Software, I’m not completely denying the possibility of bringing back the franchise in the future. There could be someone else in my company who wants to work on new installments. But we believe that the series will end after the two DLC.”

So does that mean that From Softward will move away from Dark Fantasy or extremely difficult games that the Souls series was known for? Will we finally get Metal Wolf Chaos? Well, no.

“I’m not saying I won’t work on a Dark Souls-like game or a dark fantasy game,” Miyazaki continued. “We’d like to carry over some of the good things from the franchise to new products. As new technology is introduced, we would like to take what we learned from Dark Souls and use it in future IP.”

The next content for Dark Souls 3 – Ashes of Ariandel, will be available on October 25th for $14.99 or part of the $24.99 Season Pass which will include the next and likely final Dark Souls chapter.