Dark Cloud 2 coming to PS4 next week!


Since the announcement of the PS2 Classics being emulated for the PS4, there was one game that was on everyone’s list, Level-5’s Dark Cloud series. The first title in the series saw immediate release when the program launched with Dark Cloud 2 announced as a possibility (along with several other titles).

Sony announced yesterday that the wait will be over for Dark Cloud fans, as Dark Cloud 2 will be release Next Week, January 19th.

Dark Cloud 2 was originally released back in 2003, focusing on two time-travelling characters who must fight the evil Emperor Griffon who wishes to destroy the present time from the past. Featuring a real-time Hack’n’Slash mechanic, this RPG was different for the time thanks to a skill based levelling system in which your weapons levelled up instead of the character and a city building mechanic.

Now that Dark Cloud 2 is set to release, is there any other PS2 classics you would like to see get emulated to the PS4?