Critical Role gets a Goblin Raid Soundpack


Geek and Sundry’s popular Critical Role, a web-series where a group of professional voice actors including Matt Mercer (Overwatch, Final Fantasy XV), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham play Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder, will be getting a special Pathfinder sound pack thanks to Syrinscape.

The sound pack will include everything you’ll need to run a campaign like host Matt Mercer did in the now legendary “To the Poop” goblin raid Pathfinder RPG adventure. This includes “the squelches, slops and gas releases of the stinky sewer, the chaos of the goblin raid on Sandpoint and the pounding music of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path for the Pathfinder RPG.”

The pack will also include voice over of three of Critical Role’s high-profile NPCs voiced by Mercer. Players will be able to converse with Victor the black powder salesman, Nostoc Greyspine the gravelly dwarf minor and Drez Vina, the smooth, aloof elf.

“Syrinscape is the type of program I’ve been DYING to have available for my home games for years,” said Mercer in the press release. “The sheer variety of quality soundtracks, mood music and sound effects easily and quickly at your disposal makes for a fantastic boon to GMs everywhere who wish to really enhance their storytelling experiences! It’s been a huge benefit to my own game and I highly recommend checking it out!”.

If you’re a fan of the web-series, then we recommend checking it out. Syrinscape offers a 30-day free trial which you can redeem at and include two free SoundSets to keep. The Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role: Goblin Raid Soundpack is available now for $14.99.