Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is actually harder than the original.

I’ve been really enjoying the Vicarious Visions latest nostalgia trip with the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and have been trying to beat the games in order. There is one thing I started to notice though, and that in my older age, I suddenly sucked at Crash Bandicoot. I refused to take that as an answer by after failing horribly on “The High Road” (Editor’s Note: F##K The High Road) and nearly snapping my controller in two, I began to accept that I was old and likely needed the skills of a young child to beat it.

However this might not completely be the case as it appears I’m not alone in this struggle as many people have took to various Social Media to rant and criticise about the game. One popular streamer Ding Dong (Twitch and Twitter here) has done a video highlighting a couple of factors for the game’s increased difficulty.

While Vicarious Visions has made a great remake with level design being pretty much spot on from the original, Crash and Coco’s jumping Mechanics have been sped-up, causing jumps and platforms to be difficult to gauge and in some cases requiring momentum to reach the target. On top of this, some players have also theorized that with the new Unity engine being used to build the game, that characters use a pill-shape collision box which forces landings to be more accurate as players can easily slide.



So to put it plainly, it’s the game that is wrong and your skills are probably just fine.