Chrome to block Flash Conent by year’s end


The death-sentence for flash began last year with the Chrome team blocking Flash ads be default for most websites.  Now they’ve announced that nearly all Flash content will be blocked by default by the end of 2016. Instead by the end of the year. Instead, there will be a prompts a user can click on to enable the content at their own discretion.

A minor exemption to this news is that the top 10 websites will get a 1-year extension; likely to give them time to convert everything to HTML5.  These sites include the likes of,,,,, and a few others. For enterprises, there will be an administrative option to “always run flash” if they wish to do so.

While Chrome will still support the ability to use flash; Google has made it clear that it will not be much longer. Even Flash’s creator, Adobe, has been advising developers to completely stop creating for flash; instead to make new content for HTML5.