Chris Redfield punches Mold Monsters in Not A Hero

Resident Evil 7’s free DLC will definitely feel closer to the action based versions of the series in the upcoming Not a Hero chapter, which re-introduce series main Chris Redfield as he takes on the monsters plaguing the Baker’s property.

Not A Hero takes place after the events of Ethan’s adventure in Resident Evil 7, however things change in terms of gameplay as Chris, who is a seasoned veteran at dealing with monsters and other horrifying creatures, will now resemble something more of a first person shooter. Capcom released three minutes of gameplay for the upcoming add-on during TGS showing new devastating weapons and Chris not afraid to get his hands dirty with up close instant kills via punches.

Not A Hero will launch on December 12th along the last paid add-on, End of Zoe, which will mark the end of the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass. The Gold Edition of the game will also release with all the previously released content on the same day.