Check out the Intro Cinematic for Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios ‘Evolve’ has gone gold a bit earlier then expected, so to celebrate the team released the 3 minute intro cinematic for the upcoming 4v1 monster hunting game.

While the game has yet to hit its Beta launch, which usually would happen before the game can be official stated for gold, however in a letter to GameInformer, 2K explained that “The team is still tweaking balance of the characters and progression system… All of those values can still be adjusted via hot fixes on launch day, making a beta still very much worthwhile.”

In addition to the game’s beta which should launch next week, players will be able to access two sets of hunters and two monster classes, the Goliath and Kraken, while players who pre-purchase the game during the Beta will be able to get access tot he fear inducing Wraith and the third tier of hunters.

In the full retail version of the game, players will be able to unlock these features by playing the game or by pre-ordering the game via Xbox One which will unlock all the content saving you time.

Evolve is currently for a February 10th release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.