Capcom OK’s awful Megaman cartoon design.

Megaman, also known as Rockman in Japan, and “The Blue Bomber” as a nickname; has been announced by Capcom to have a new cartoon series out by next year.


Megaman has had a few different designs over the years. Starting with the Iconic 8-bit model, to 16 bit, and full 3D.


Now most of us remember the original Megaman cartoon from a couple decades ago. (ugh, felt old writing that!)  But, it was kind of the norm for videogame cartoons to be rather uninspired by design or just lazily shat-out for merch advertising.



Added to that, in recent years fans have also been getting rather weary of Capcom’s treatment of Megaman as an IP, even to taunt with Megaman Legends 3. They wanted alpha testers to pay money  to test a stage, and only release if enough people payed up. (Though admittedly this poor attitude has now infected Street Fighter as well where they can’t be bothered to release a completed or working game. Something that Capcom has recently admitted to be working on correcting in the future after the recent backlash of Street Fighter V’s launch.)



And so, with the announcement with the new cartoon, they also pointed out that it would be created by DHX Media Ltd. and Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc; known better for Ben 10 and Ultimate Spiderman.   While at first it seemed rather optimistic, we were then shown… well… this.





Good Lord, what happened?!

Needless to say, the internet as a whole is not OK with that.  Megaman’s design has been thoroughly established.  Twitter had exploded with fan-art that looked way better in design and aesthetics.

Hopefully they’ll change it before full production begins.