Capcom announces Mega Man Legacy Collection, remakes 1-6 in HD.


Capcom continues their latest trend of HD remakes by bringing the Nintendo era Mega Man to the PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer, with a 3DS version coming later in the Winter. The games will be listed as “Mega Man Legacy Collection” and will feature Mega Man 1-6 in all of it’s 8-bit glory.

The game will be handled by Digital Eclipse, whose previous works included ports for the Sega Ultimate Collection and Midway Arcade Origins. The collection will not only bring Mega Man 1-6 to a new generation, but will also add a challenge mode, a boss rush/training mode, and “an exhaustive collection of sketches, art and other visual materials.”

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be released this summer and priced at $14.99. It joins Capcom’s recent trend of HD remake for the new consoles which has included DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 4, Super Street Fighter 4 Ultra, and the newly announced Resident Evil Zero.