Bungie replacing Dinklage is purely “Hollywood nonsense”


It was recently announced that voice actor Nolan North, best known for his roles in Uncharted as Nathan Drake, would be replacing Game of Thrones and Pixels actor Peter Dinklage in Destiny. North will be re-doing Dinklage’s voice work as Ghost in the game as well as it’s next expansion, The Taken King.

This move has created speculation that the switch happened due to the negative fan feed back to Dinklage’s character. In an interview with Game Informer, Destiny’s executive producer Mark Noseworthy stated that it had more to do with “Hollywood nonsense” thanks to scheduling conflicts. This allowed them to bring North into the game.

“This is [North’s] thing,” stated Noseworthy in the interview. “We can call him up and say, ‘Hey next week can we do this thing? We’re doing an internal playtest and it would be great to get Ghost dialogue in there instead of the robot voice that we use,’ and he’s available.”

The Taken King expansion is currently set to be released on September 15th 2015.

  • Adilaris Gallant

    R.I.P. Dinklebot, lol.