Bungie releasing a children’s book, “D is for Destiny”


Releasing a children’s book based on a video game isn’t something new, after all, Blizzard did it for World of Warcraft at one point. So the next series with wide spread appeal that is looking to jump into children’s book has to be Bungie’s Loot-Shooter – Destiny. You know, because why not.

The book itself, D is for Destiny, is a cute rhyming Alphabet book which as been made by the writers and artists at Bungie as a book that would have been read to a child of the Last City of Earth, which would “takes young readers on a voyage through a universe of adventure.”

The 40-page book was originally created for the parents at Bungie, but will be released as a hard-cover children’s book at retail on October 4th for $14.99. The perfect gift for those future travellers who will no doubt help their parents save the universe when they grow up.

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