Bully, Manhunt and XCom make a welcome surprise to the PSN


There are times when developers PR teams let people know for weeks that a specific game is coming out, especially re-releases of hits from their backlog. This week though, we got a surprise from 2K with 3 new re-releases that we didn’t see coming.

The first of which was two classic PS2 games from Rockstar Games that got ported to the PS4 thanks to the new PS2 Classics section. Those games being their Snuff-film inspired horror game ‘Manhunt’ and the GTA but in school game ‘Bully’. Both hit the Playstation Store at $14.99 CDN, offering Trophy Support, Remote Play and 1080p upscaling.

One of the more impressive releases though goes to the Vita, with the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus. Outed earlier this year by the ESRB but never officially confirmed, we were unable to find any information about the Enemy Unknown Plus that would be different from the previous version of the game. We’ve reached out to 2K for further information about the game.