Bruce Lee returns for UFC 2


The legendary Bruce Lee will be returning as an unlockable fighter in EA Sport’s UFC 2. Lee will be available day one for those who have unlocked him in the original EA Sports UFC that was released back in 2014, in which he could be unlocked by beating the game’s career mode, as a day-one DLC pre-order deal, or by purchasing a DLC fast pass.

For those who are new to the EA Sports UFC titles, you’ll still be able to unlock Bruce Lee by once again completing the game’s career mode, which will also unlock another legendary fighter, Mike Tyson.

This offer is also extended to Xbox One owners who subscribe to EA Access, which UFC is part of the Game Vault. EA Access subscribers just need to download UFC from the Free Game Vault to unlock Bruce Lee, regardless of if they cleared Career mode.

EA Sports UFC 2 is set for a March 16th release on PS4 and Xbox One.