Bloodborne’s Undone by the Blood trailer and New Game Plus info

With From Software’s Bloodborne set to release in two weeks (March 24th) it’s about time that we see some more media for the upcoming hack’n’slash/controller breaking horror game and From Software delivered with a creepy cool trailer titled “Undone by the Blood.” Featuring a handful of disturbing monsters, gravely speaking Narrators, and no horror game would be complete without crying babies.

The main point of this trailer though seems to empathize that you’re probably going to die a lot and these are going to be the things that will do it.

Of course, if you do end up surviving the horrors of Bloodborne, don’t expect to do it again so easily. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game’s director, has confirmed in an interview with MCV that the game will include a New Game Plus mode which will unlock after completing the game for the first time, however it has proven to be a challenge for the developers.

While it doesn’t come as a surprise that the game will be devastatingly hard, after all this is the makers of Dark Souls and Demon Souls, but we’re worried it might be too difficult. We’ll have to take a look when the game launches.