Black Canary ready to kick some ass in Injustice 2

Probably one of the more fan-requested additions to the Injustice roster, Black Canary was officially announced for Injustice 2 yesterday via a new trailer (above) showing Black Canary throwing down with Blue Beetle.

Black Canary was a fan-favourite in the Injustice world thanks to her addition in the Comic, where she was pregnant with Green Arrow’s child and became friends with Harley Quinn. While her role in Injustice 2 overall is still a mystery, we do know that she is in allegiance with Batman and in which he trusts her to find out if heroes are good enough to join the fight.

Black Canary looks like she’ll be a heavy combo focus character, with her move set appearing to be pulled from Sonya Blade and Sindel from Mortal Kombat. It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll actually play in the upcoming game when it releases on May 17th 2017.