Beyond Good and Evil Ubisoft’s next free game, sequel in production


If you’ve been following the monthly free game from Ubisoft, celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary, then you’ve probably been enjoying The Crew, an experimental racer that allows you to drive across America in a large variety of vehicles. However on the 12th, The Crew will race off and be replaced with the fan-favourite action adventure game, Beyond Good and Evil.

Originally released back in 2003, Beyond Good and Evil was adored by all who picked up the game for… well everything. The gameplay, the story, the audio and the graphics were all highly praised upon the game’s release. A promised sequel was promised to be in active development since 2008 but we never heard anything back from the studio aside from rumours.

That is until now, when we finally have some progress and activity show for the highly anticipated sequel thanks to Michel Ancel – Beyond Good and Evil as well as Rayman creator. Posting the following image on Instragram:
bgaeWith the text “Endangered species—now saved—Game in pre-production—Stay tuned!”

Ubisoft told Eurogamer – “Michel is currently sharing his time between Ubisoft and Wild Sheep studios. The artwork he posted is from the game he’s currently working on at Ubisoft. We don’t have anything further to share at this stage.”

So we have movement! Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still actually alive and there is proof. Now it’s just a matter of how long we’ll have to wait to see more.