Bethesda taking sign-ups for Quake Champions Beta

Bethesda’s latest arena shooter, Quake Champions, will be going into closed beta “in the coming weeks” and are now taking sign-ups. Quake Champions was first announced back at E3 2016 during Bethesda’s conference and is the first Quake game since 2007’s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Quake Champions was last shown at Quakecon, where Id focused on the game’s speed and the new champion system addressing on how they won’t change the skill-based form of the game. “It doesn’t fundamentally change the way you play the game,” said Creative director Tim Willits. “That’s what I wanted to stress in the presentation: Yes, we have these Champions, but they’re additive. It’s still skill-based, they all rocket jump, they all pick up all the weapons. It’s still a skill-based game, with this addition.”

Quake Champions will be playable at Pax East this weekend. Neither Id or Bethesda have confirmed a release date or price of the game.