Bear With Me Episode 2 out now

The Noire Point-and-Click Adventure game, Bear With Me, has had it’s second episode released. Episode 2 brings back 10-year-old Amber and her quick witted detective friend Ted E. Bear, a stuffed Teddy Bear brought to life using her imagination, as they continue to search for Amber’s missing brother and investigate the Arsonist known as Red.

Episode 2 advances the search for Amber’s brother, but also introduces strains to Amber and Ted E. Bear’s relationship,” said Andrej Kovacevic, game director, Exordium Games. “Players must support the team and lead them through situations a bit darker and more difficult than what they’ve previously faced.”

According to the developer, Exordium Games, choices you make through Bear With Me will affect the future events of the game. You can read our review of Episode One, and check out the trailer for Episode 2 above, as well as some screenshots in the gallery below.